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Saturday, June 18, 2011

bestfriends stories :)

four of them are close ! but they have their own crisis. lets checkit out !

they're bestfriends from age 6years old but their friendship is over:("delena"
In confused! They were so nice 2 each other for 10 years and outta nowhere they stopped being friends. What happened?

I think since they "broke up", they rekindled thier friendship, but one day someone asked Demi how Selena is doing, and Demi replied, "Ask Taylor (Swift)." Demi was jealous how Selena was spending so much time with Taylor

selena talk about taylor : "What I admire most about Taylor is that
she focuses on all the positive things — and that's what I love about her," Gomez said.

because of selena was so close with taylor. demi separate her self
from selena and go to miley to be her bestfriend.
Demi said : " I'll defend Miley for the rest of my life"

and lets not forget taylor swift. that always-positive singer has
support selena,but refused to take side. In fact, taylor is still
friend with Miley.

delena is back!!
selena said in a interview eith a spanish magazine :
Speaking of Demi Lovato, once asked if there was rivalry or competition between you or with Miley Cyrus and I said no.
“Many May Believe That If There Is Some rivalry Between us, whether Our ages, the music, by the Programs we do.But there is no rivalry.

Demi & I have been friend since we're 6year old,from when we first met whileworking on tv show, Barney. She is my best friend!"

Demi also said : "Selena is still great friend for me" and in live chat :"I love selena and,and yes I have listened to her latest album "Round and Round".
and I have to say its amazing !"

thisIsFact ; I get it from searching PakcikGoogle :)
and also watch at Youtube about them.

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